In 2008, the small fishing community of Gloucester, Massachusetts found itself at the center of a worldwide media firestorm. There were eighteen pregnant girls at the high school-four times the norm-and according to rumor, they weren't all accidents. When talk of a "pregnancy pact" between the girls surfaced, local gossip transformed into international media fascination overnight. Reporters from all over the world descended upon the town, demanding answers, but the fiercely protective community refused to give any.

Little has been heard from the eighteen girls who catapulted Gloucester into international infamy-until now. As the definitive investigation into the Gloucester pregnancy pact, The Gloucester 18 explores what really happened in this hyped and bizarre media circus, and its impact on a small fishing village. This documentary introduces the world to the girls behind the headlines, many of whom are speaking publicly for the first time.

Called "mandatory viewing" by The Boston Globe and praised by the O'Reilly Factor as a film every high school girl should see, The Gloucester 18 has captured the attention of the world as a shocking and revealing insight into what happened in Gloucester and what it means for the issue of teen pregnancy across the nation.